Advantages of Building Modular

Advantages of building modular

Built in a Climate-Controlled Factory

A modular home is unique because it is built in a climate-controlled factory. Building in this way reduces the chances of weather related delays or problems. When coupled with the fact that building supplies are stored in on-site warehouses, it also virtually eliminates the chance that wet materials will be used when building the modular home.

Built Faster than Conventional Site-Builders

Since modular homes are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site built home, with careful planning, often you can be in your new home within weeks of selecting one. Overall building time is reduced due to simultaneous site work and home construction. A manufacture’s highly skilled work force has years of experience in the building industry and works year-round within the factory.  Plus, there are no delays from “no-show subs.”

Built to Stringent Building Codes

Modular homes are built to the same building codes used by conventional site builders. An independent inspector will certify that the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with all building code provisions for the location where the home will be erected.

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