Commercial Division

From small boutiques to major public corporations, or a new franchise location to an entrepreneur’s first business, Majestic Building Systems is a pioneer in modular multi-residential structures and modular commercial building designs. The architectural variety of our products and their applications continue to grow. Majestic Building Systems custom builds solutions for all types of business space. Whether you need to get your business up and running faster or are looking to expand your existing operations, we will work with you to manufacture the best solution for your building needs.

Modular Commercial construction, like any other building process begins with design. Majestic’s in-house staff works with the customer to make sure each building meets the customer’s needs, specifications, local conditions and code requirements. Once the building design is settled o, the modular sections are constructed in one of our Manufacturing Facilities. During the time that your modular building is being constructed, site development teams are preparing your site and performing any needed on-site construction (a process called concurrent construction). This ensures that time savings are maximized throughout the modular building process. Once the site is prepared and the buildings are complete, they are transported to the site, where they are installed and finish out work is completed.